Our mission is to
Empower young women to be successful in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses in order to close the gender gap in STEM careers.
Our goals are to
  • Increase young women’s confidence in science and math concepts and conducting scientific investigations.
  • Increase young women’s academic performance in STEM courses.
  • Increase young women’s passion in pursuing STEM majors and careers.

By empowering more young women to take rigorous math and science classes in high school, they will be prepared to choose a STEM major in college. Our camp is designed to keep more young women in the STEM education pipeline in order to create a talented and diverse STEM workforce. Design Connect Create cultivates a culture where persistence is expected, curiosity is encouraged, risk is rewarded and creativity is applauded.

The first camp, offered in Dallas ISD in the summer of 2003, was funded by High-Tech High Heels and the Texas Instrument Foundation. Since that time, more than 800 young women have attended physics camp in the Dallas area. Design Connect Create was formed in 2014 to expand the delivery of the camp to other school districts.